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Pleasure Meditation

What we focus on, expands.  So how about focusing on pleasure?  Wake up each morning and take a few minutes to scan your body and look for areas that feel good.  Then ask yourself...

What would make this moment even more pleasurable?

It might be a warm, fuzzy blanket, petting your cat, or giving yourself a little neck massage... then give it to yourself. 

Throughout the day, ask yourself again and again.  Standing in line at the store... stuck in traffic... sitting in a boring meeting.  Start noticing all the opportunities for pleasure all around you all the time and take advantage of them!  

It might be sipping and savoring a cup of tea/coffee/cocoa, browsing a magazine, playing music, singing along, calling a friend, smelling something pleasant, doodling on your notebook, caressing yourself, imagining your boss in their underwear or secretly doing kegels. ;)

Pleasure is your birthright!  You deserve more! 

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