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Has the romantic "spark" disappeared?

Do you long for more passion?

Would deeper connection nourish you?


Are you craving more excitement?


Is communicating your needs challenging? 

What desires are you holding back on?

Uplevel Your Love Life

Hi, I'm GenaSis

I am so glad you are here. 

Perhaps this is the very first time you have considered reaching out to a Sex and Relationship Coach.  Take a deep breath.  Get comfortable. I'll hold your hand and guide you through this new experience.  

You are unique and special.  Your partner is unique and special.  Your relationship is unique and special.  However, the challenges you are likely facing are quite common, despite how alone you may be feeling right now.  


The problem is that we do not get taught about pleasure and our bodies, in fact, quite the opposite, we get shamed.  Because it isn't "socially acceptable" to talk with others about our sexuality, we can often think we are the only ones having the problem and can start to feel broken, especially if "Cosmo's Top 5 Tips to ..." don't immediately help.


I have professional training and a lot of life expierence so I can offer many suggestions, tailored to your situation, to help you and your partner feel more love, more joy, more intimacy, more pleasure, more connection, more hope, more satisfaction, more trust, more passion, more excitment... more of whatever it is that you are longing for.  

Take the next step... schedule a private, personal conversation with me.