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Grand Banquet Table: Something for Everyone

Have you ever thought to yourself “there has to be more to sex”?  If yes, you are right… there is a ton more!  Despite the limited view of sex shown in tv shows, movies, magazines and advertising, there is actually a much broader definition available once you start to look for it… and Oh! is it super satisfying! 
I describe this as the Grand Banquet of Sexuality.  It is a smorgasbord of options to choose from… taste this, try that, save another thing for later, like it this time, love it another time and not be in the mood for it at all some other time.  It is all okay.  You get to choose.  This is an amuse bouche, a sampler, a tiny tasting of all that is available to you on this Grand Banquet Table.  I will keep adding to this page and provide references in “More Please” sections so you can go get even more details for deeper exploration.
All people are welcome to partake in the Grand Banquet of Sexuality; however you identify and whomever you enjoy playing with. You are welcome here.  You belong here.  I am excited to guide you through this journey of self discovery and look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Sex For Self


It is so important to take time, by yourself, to discover what you like… what turns you on… what feels good… right now… in this moment. Explore, experiment and do pleasure research.

Sex For Us

Romantic Couple

Just because there is now a partner involved, does not mean you can just lay back and do nothing… you are still responsible for your own pleasure and communication is key!

Sex For More

Crab Nebula

This section is “Next Level”… the places you can get to once you have explored the realm of sexuality with yourself and sexuality with a partner. This is about “what’s more” and “what’s possible” to achieve when your sexual energy is flowing.

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