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What Clients Are Saying

... about their experience with my personal, life, sexuality and Erotic Blueprints coaching services.

Gena is a perfect pleasure educator in a group and individually. She genuinely is able to balance volunteering relevant examples of her personal experience on her pleasure path, and listening attentively and nudging people to explore verbally and internally their own pleasure dreams and inhibitions. Her astute nature and diverse interests engender her ability to concisely and clearly make disparate connections between a person, their pleasure persona and their disparate personalities, in a gentle and coaxing way. She guides and does not force. Her exuberance, vulnerability and genuine nature are evident in every interaction with her. She always gives her all energetically, intellectually and emotionally, which is tangibly felt. I would highly recommend working with her no matter what stage you are at in your own or partnered pleasure path. You will be so grateful that you did!

Lauren R, Boston, MA

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