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What is an Erotic Blueprint™?

Your Personal Map of Arousal

A system created by Jaiya after years of researching the sexual chemistry of couples.

A way of categorizing what turns you on, what turns you off, how to create pleasurable experiences and describing what you need and desire. 

The more you learn about yourself and your partner(s), the deeper you can go into intimacy and create long sustainable, satisfying passion.

The 5 Erotic Blueprint Types™ are

  • Energetic- anticipation, tease, yearning

  • Sensual- ignite the senses with touch, smells, sounds, sights and tastes

  • Sexual- things we think of as sex like intercourse, orgasm and genitals

  • Kinky- the taboo including psychological and sensation

  • Shapeshifter- variety, everything and lots of it

There are also 5 Stages which are Resting, Healing, Curious, Adventurous and Transformational. 

Set up a Passionate Possibilities Call with me to learn more!

My ShapeShifter Story

It has been quite a journey!  Perhaps you can relate to feeling unsatisfied and an unwatered plant... and feeling your sexuality dialed down to zero.

Grand Banquet of Sexuality

Everything is on the table... and it all turns me on!  

I am a Shapeshifter Blueprint Typewhich means I love variety and trying new things.  Sometimes I am in the mood for sensual music, textures and flavors, other times I like to play with bondage and kinky impact toys.  Some days I want to get right to the orgasm and other days, I want to be teased by knowing glances and slow anticipation. 

Guess what?  It is completely ok for you to like what you like, even if that changes day to day.  I give you full permission.  Which Blueprint are you? Take the quiz to find out!

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