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Couples Connection: Erotic Blueprints™ Self Study Course

Couples Connection: Erotic Blueprints™ Self Study Course

Most of us do not get a comprehensive sex education yet we are expected to "just know" how to pleasure our partners and ourselves. Your relationship deserves focused attention to make it the best it can possibly be! Don't wait another minute!


Lifetime access to the Erotic Blueprints Breakthrough Course™ for two people

  • 8 Modules taught by Jaiya and Ian in 75+ short online videos

      - Mod 0: Your Orgasmic Orientation

      - Mod 1: Foundations for Sexy Success

      - Mod 2: Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough

      - Mod 3: Deliciously Determining Blueprints

      - Mod 4: Feeding Blueprints

      - Mod 5: Seductively Speaking Blueprints

      - Mod 6: Healing Blueprints

      - Mod 7: Expertly Expanding Blueprints

      - Mod 8: Hot Sex for a Lifetime

  • Learn a unique language of erotic connection and sexual satisfaction
  • Develop deep self-pleasure and partner pleasure skills
  • Effective tools and practices to increase turn on and attraction with your partner
  • Breakthrough your blocks to pleasure and release your own orgasmic potential


A 90 minute Couples Erotic Blueprints™ Coaching session with GenaSis

  • Processing and working through any blocks or stuck spots together
  • Assistance with Healing and/or Expanding Your Blueprints
  • Helping you explore your erotic selves and reach your joint pleasure goals


20% off Additional Personal or Couples Coaching sessions with GenaSis as needed to get you to your goals (reg $350)


Lifetime access to Erotic Freedom Club  

  • Private online community (not Facebook)
  • Read and share, each using your own personal profile
  • Express yourself fully without judgment or shame


Monthly Pleasure Mastery calls


Monthly Sex Tips and Tricks calls 


This is what everyone has been talking about since October 21, 2021 when Sex, Love and goop launched on Netflix. Check it out to get a taste of what's possible! 



    $4,400.00 Regular Price
    $3,300.00Sale Price
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